Camp shopping list.

Hello campers! We have compiled a short shopping list. Everything here is helpful in creating stop motion videos, but in the end not mandatory.


Stop motion studio

Note: Download the stop motion app to your mobile device. There is a free and paid version of the app. For this course we will use the functions available in the free version.


The tripods help secure your device in order to have less “movement” in the final product. We have listed some cheap versions including the one we used in the course. The one we show can be used with both a tablet and phone. If you plan to use just a phone, then we recommend the phone mounts.

Tripod used in course compatible with phones and tablets:

Other recommended tripods:


The Bluetooth clickers are useful so as to not touch the camera in order to take pictures, but as shown in the course, a pair of headphones with a volume button will also work brilliantly. Trisha demonstrates the camp with a pair of apple headphones.


Last of all we have included the Play-Doh that we used for the Claymation animation. If you would prefer, you could make some play-doh of your own!

Used for the Claymation video 

Other option 

Play-Doh recipe courtesy of the Domestic Superhero Blog


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